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Tree Services

Tree Preservation Order


If you suspect that your trees are subject to a preservation order (T.P.O.), enquiries will need to be made to your local authority to establish if your trees are protected. Written permission will be required to perform any tree surgery services apart from dead wooding.  JSB Tree services can assist in completing the application process and help with detailed plans of the work to be undertaken. For further information on this please contact us.



Tree Felling


Removal of an entire tree to ground level can be a complicated task and is generally the last resort. We have the right equipment and experience to deal with any sized tree to ensure complete safety to personnel, property and neighbouring trees.  If you would like a quotation for this service, or advice on the best course of action please contact us.





A reduction in the size of the tree by carefully removing the outer crown to produce a smaller overall canopy. This will help in improving the trees appearance and assist with stability if there are any concerns with the structural integrity or roots.  For further information about this, quotations or advice please contact us.



Crown Lifting


Is where we will remove the lowest branches in order to improve access around the trees base and lift the overall crown height. This helps to improve light and access for footpaths, roads or neighbouring property to the tree.  A quick assessment of the job will allow one of our trained advisors to provide a quotation, please contact us.



Crown Thinning


This will reduce the density of the canopy to improve light for plants or lawns. The removal of the branches within the crown will also help to improve the wind resistance of the tree for any structural integrity concerns or problems with the root system.  Please get in touch and we’ll gladly provide you with a no obligation quotation, please contact us.



Tree Pruning


Formative pruning can be used as a preventative measure to greatly reduce the chances of structural issues, disease or branch failure as a young tree matures. Selective removal of any rubbing branches, branch unions or diseased wood can be all that is needed to ensure a healthy future for the tree.  We are happy to advise and provide a quotation for any of these services, please contact us.



Tree Pollarding


There are various types of tree pollarding such as the traditional pollarded tree, canopy pollarding, high pollarding and top pollarding. Not all trees are suitable for this kind of work but the results will help in improving access, light or to give good screening from the sun.  A quick assessment of your trees will establish what is most suitable, for a no obligation assessment and quotations please contact us.



Hedge & Conifer Work


JSB are experts in creating beautifully neat hedge lines or restructuring over grown and unmanaged hedges. We recommend a light trim every 6 months for the best result.  For a quotation on this please contact us.



Stump Grinding


Stump removal can be needed due to its location and can be done several ways dependant on size and location.  For further information please contact us and we can send a surveyor round for a no obligation assesment of the work.




Did you know?


A single 30m tall mature tree can absorb as much as 22.7kgs of carbon dioxide in a year.  Over its lifetime this is roughly the same amount as would be produced by the average car being driven 25,787 miles.