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What does a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) mean?


If your tree has a TPO you will need to apply to the council for permission before you have any work done. The council will approve, reject or stipulate what work can be done. Once you have accepted a quote from JSB Tree Surgery, we can apply for permission on your behalf at no extra cost.


What is a conservation area?


Effectively, every tree in a conservation area has a Tree Preservation Order and permission for work must be obtained by the local authority. If your property is covered under a conservation area we will apply to the council before undertaking any work. The council will approve, reject or stipulate what work can be done.


When should trees / hedges be cut?


There are many different species of trees. Different trees and hedges should or can be cut at different times. If you’re not sure when to cut your tree contact us for our free professional advice.


How do I know if my tree is diseased?


There are many different diseases, some specific to certain species and some are not. A common sign is dying back, this is where the tree dies back from the outer twigs and foliage and works its way down the tree


My neighbour’s trees overhang my boundary, what can I do?


In many cases like this you should be certain on where your boundary is, fences or walls are not always a definite boundary. Once you are sure where your boundary lies we advise that you speak to the owner of the tree as they may wish to arrange the work themselves. However you are within your rights to cut the tree back to your boundary provided it is not covered by a tree preservation order. By law you should return the cutting to the owner of the tree.


What responsibilities do I have as a tree owner?


If a tree is growing within the boundary of your property, you have a responsibility to ensure it is in a safe state. As a tree owner you have a responsibility that your tree does not cause damage or injury to others. In law this is dealt with under Common Law Duty.


Can I get a quotation over the phone?


It is practically impossible to give a quote over the phone for tree surgery works. Our pricing is dependent on many different issues to ensure you get our best possible quote. Please see our stump grinding page for information on pricing over the phone for stump removal


When is the best time to prune my fruit tree?


The best time to prune a fruit tree is in their dormant season, this is when the tree’s leaves have fallen off, usually between October and February.  Do you have a question that needs answering? Contact us for free advice and quotations on all your tree care needs.

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The oldest living organism on Earth is believed to be the “Pando” colony of Quaking Aspen in Utah. The colony of trees covers 103 acres and is estimated to weigh nearly 6,600 tons, making it also the heaviest known organism. Being a clonal colony, the tree “trunks” all share identical genetic makeup. It is estimated that parts of the inter-connected root stock that links the colony together is in excess of 80,000 years old!


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